Learn to ride and connect with a horse from professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience.  See our credentials on the About us page.  Pat Jenson School of Horsemanship in Buffalo, Minnesota, is the oldest most versatile horse school in the state. Learn to move and connect with the horse through our lessons and trail riding.   Explore and feel the excitement of a horse adventure, or special events that many others have attended since our opening more that 40 years ago.

Contact us for an unforgettable horse adventure and memories that will last a life time.

We are conveniently located south of Rogers, the exact address is 26125 Tucker Rd, Rogers, MN   55374,  do not mail correspondence to this address.  Mailing address is 1060 Jalger Ave SE, Buffalo, MN   55313.

Our “Horse Professors” represent many various breeds and will patiently help you learn to feel a partnership with your horse

e.  Here are a few of our staff professors.

Beau: A big black

Smooth gaited Tennessee walker that loves people and will probably lick your hand when he meets you. He’ll give you a wonderful experience in the arena or on the trail.

Casey: A handsome white Missouri Fox Trotter with a sense of humor. He’s beautifully built with a gliding gate and can do anything you ask of him if you give him a clear signal. Watch out, he may give you a playful push with his nose when you’re not looking. He placed in the Horse Show national Finals Last year.

Chips: Cousin to Casey the same white beauty only about 4 inches taller and slim built. He’ll nod his head “yes” when he meets you in case you are asking if he would like a “treat.” This congenial gelding does it all and is qualified for the State Championship Show this year.

Hamilton: A Reg. Arabian gelding who could be Czar’s brother. He’s a bay and beautiful and a bit shy at times until he gets to know you and after that he’s versatile as any of the other professors.

Czar: An Arabian show gelding who is a local legend in action games and will take any skilled young rider to gather ribbons at any horse show. He’s a veteran at the State Fair and the Championship Show and yet he’ll settle down to business with a beginning rider or a handicapped child. He’s a beautiful bay and is fun to dress up in costume.

Nibbles: A Cajun Quarter horse mare who loves to do tricks for any audience large or small as long as there’s a treat reward. She does all the games and roams the trail like a pro.

Miss Lou: Mother to “Nibbles” and a smooth riding and versatile quarter horse mare who likes to go to work. No tricks with her but just a great ride.

Starburst: A knock out of a Palomino Paint gelding who rides with a very smooth gait. He’s as pretty as they come and loves attention and will close his eyes and enjoy a good grooming. Then he’ll get down to business whether in the Arena or the Trail and do what he is asked.
DJ: New to the school. He is a donkey, comes up from Louisiana and is guaranteed to add fun to “Any Birthday” party. He’s friendly and he rides too. Jewel:A registered Tennessee Walking Mare out of outstanding Show stock but versatile enough to Ride the games and horsemanship in the arena or take you out on a beautiful trail. She loves attention and to be groomed as long as you will stroke her with the brush.

Miniature Horses:

Tumby having some fun at Sunbonnet Days in Eden Prairie, MN.

Tank pulls a cart also.
Tank and Tumby: Miniature Miracle horses that can do anything the big guys do.
Beethoven and Minnie:Father and Daughter Mini-mules that delight the younger set always.
Willie and Nillie:Our two goats that do tricks and also love treats.


Call: 763-477-4764



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